Cashless Campus

Cashless Campus

Your trusted cashless campus & transactional payment solution.

Way2Pay is a proven cloud based cashless campus solution, covering education, corporate, and industrial campuses. Take a look at how Way2Pay can help process your campus transactions.


Manage your points of service on campus

Feature rich hospitality EPOS software. Integrated government & corporate subsidy scheduling. Free school meal allocation. Meal plans & account-based privileges.

Enable visitors on to your closed loop payment campus with our full range of visitor solutions. iVisit points, visitor card issuers, and refund kiosks.

Enrol, top-up, pay and manage your cashless campus account. The mobile Way2Pay wallet is essential to ensuring cashless uptake on campus.

Closed and open loop options. GPRS/Wi-Fi. Behind Glass. We know what it takes to implement large scale cashless vending operations.

Payment devices for every setting

Weatherproof and rugged, we install parking readers into existing barriers. Our open API allows for existing hardware to be utilised whilst opening up our payment methods to the existing parking solution.

Existing integrations into SaaS print management solution PaperCut. Our API allows for Way2Pay as a payment method. Alternatively utilise our own readers at your printing locations for print release management.

Open barriers and print tickets for your buffet foodservice location. Our buffet meal management solution audits meal usage for client-side verification of open foodservice offerings.

On your educational or government campus, control, or audit laundry usage. We have a range of solutions for enabling cashless payment at laundry locations on campus.

Create a connected campus experience

Customer engagement solutions on campus, driving revenue through usage of the cashless solution is key. We offer a range of enterprise rule-based loyalty solutions for multiple credential types both mobile and physical.

We have been producing kiosk solutions for over 20 years. Our flexible top up kiosks offering multiple methods of payment. We offer both unattended and semi-attended customer activated top up terminals on campus.

Skipping the line and saving time is at the heart of the business case for cashless based hospitality solutions. Find out how our mobile ordering solution achieves these goals.

A secure cloud platform for web and mobile to provide full reporting and analytics. Way2Pay Campus Manager is a data hub capable of producing insights to the user and exporting data to external central business systems.