Quick Service Restaurants & Cafes

Quick Service Restaurants & Cafes

Your customers expect quick service to be simple, fast, and increasingly contactless. We offer a range of solutions to enable you to keep up with your customers’ demands in ways they have become used to.


Kiosk Ordering

Allow customers to purchase and pay themselves, using our easy-to-use modern technology.

Digital Ordering

Use our order ahead app to allow customers to order and pay for takeaway or delivery.

Kitchen Automation

Use this to ensure food is cooked to perfection and food is always served on time. 

Inventory Management

Manage your stock using reliable data, that can help you make the right decisions for your business. Help reduce waste, increase sales, and ensure you always have customer favourites in stock.


Rely on rapid and accurate communication to deliver orders. There is no room for human errors with this payment solution.

Barista Screens

Let these screens tell your baristas what ingredients to cook, when. Ensuring accurate timing and top-quality service.

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